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Building Confidence & Balance- Thanks to You!

Julie’s Story

Julie, a 6-year-old girl with cerebral palsy, uses a walker because she cannot walk independently. The highlight of her day is coming to the barn to learn important life skills. And because our donors gave so generously over the summer, Julie could learn and participate in activities at the barn. She even has the opportunity to ride a horse, build confidence, practice her balance, and simply enjoy being around the horses.

Julie told her mom: “Mama, one day I’m gonna work at Red Barn.” Our donors’ gifts were such a blessing to Julie and her family that now she wants to help others just like her! Those gifts inspired Julie and are allowing her to dream of her future!

“I want Julie to feel successful. I want her to be able to shine in an activity. I want her to have the healing experience of loving a horse and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. The grounds at Red Barn are gorgeous and therapeutic. I want her independence and balance to continue to improve as well.”

– Julie’s Mom