Your donation will help a child like John who has delays in socialization and communication skills. He is being raised by a single mom and she has to miss a lot of work in order to take John to his appointments with doctors and specialists.

 She works hard to do all that she can to provide the very best for him, but her budget is tight and her time even tighter. It takes so much time and effort to provide for John and she often feels overwhelmed and alone.

But, this is where you can help. Your donation this Christmas will provide children like John the life-changing opportunity to work with horses. John’s mom hopes and dreams of a day where when his disruptive behavior at school will end and his ability to learn will improve. She knows that therapeutic horseback riding can help him.

Thank you in advance for making a generous donation today and for making sure that children waiting for scholarships can have a chance to participate in programs at The Red Barn. 

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