The coronavirus pandemic is already having a huge impact on The Red Barn, our students, and our horses. 

Funds are needed now to make sure that the barn stays open during the coronavirus pandemic and that the horses are cared for now and in the challenging months ahead.

Coronavirus has meant that in-person programs and events have already been cancelled or postponed, but the horses still need to be cared for just the same. 

I need your help to make sure the global coronavirus pandemic doesn’t threaten the future of The Red Barn.

Your gift will do so much. It will make sure that there are scholarships for low-income families available for future programs. It will make sure that therapeutic riding programs that many children with disabilities rely on can continue. Your gift will give our horses food, medical care, and keep their stables warm and clean.

There are not enough emergency funds in our reserves to meet all of the demands we anticipate over the next few months. Your gift will provide immediate relief and security for The Red Barn today.

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