Equine Assisted Learning

Educational camps and classes are taught by employees with knowledge of disabilities and experience adapting activities to encourage participation.

Our camps and classes give children a chance to participate in educational and recreational activities in an outdoor setting.

Sessions are "ground based," meaning that participants do not ride. Our animals, like rabbits, goats, and horses, provide a chance for children to learn life skills through a variety of interactions. Examples of interactions include observations of herd dynamics, leading activities, grooming, or inclusion of animals in the learning activities.

We offer many types of classes and camps, but Stable Moments® is a special program specifically for foster and adopted children, ages 3 - 18, who have experienced early developmental trauma.

How do I decide if this is right for my child?

Does your child like to be outdoors, learn, and have fun? If yes, then camps and classes are a great way to participate.