There are three ways to volunteer:


No horse experience necessary.  Need to attend a tour, complete background check, and attend an orientation.

Service Days

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Due to our accreditation requirements, volunteers must be at least 16 years old, but no previous horse experience is required.  We do ask that all volunteers be vaccinated against COVID-19. All volunteers must attend a training, pass an online test, pass two background checks, and attend a 3 hour orientation.  It may take a while to complete the process, but it's well worth it to ensure the safety of our students.  

Volunteer Resources

“UAB Students in AED love coming to volunteer at red barn. They get to help out around the barn and learn about the different approaches and techniques used to help students reach their full potential.”
Callie, UAB

“My favorite part about being a summer intern is seeing the difference I make. Each student comes in with a smile, and often tells us that coming to the barn is their favorite day of the week! Without volunteers and summer interns, The Red Barn wouldn’t be able to serve the large community of children in need of therapeutic riding.” Abi, Intern and Volunteer

“Spending time with Zach and Dottie is an uplifting time for the team. They are so good for each other and Zach is always so thankful to Dottie. He makes sure after every ride to give her lots of love and affection. They are a great pair.” Becky, Volunteer & Donor

How you can get Involved:

Speech with goat
Work with Kids

We often need additional hands so that more kids can come and spend time at the barn. You might be asked to help a child groom a horse, put tack in the tack room, clean a water trough, or complete an art project! It is best for our students to have consistent and committed volunteers, so we ask that volunteers commit to a 10-week term.

barn chores
Help with Barn Chores

Poop happens and we need your help to clean it up.  Plus, there are water buckets and troughs to clean, walls to dust, weeds to pull, and horses to groom. 

Work Groups

Organize a work group to come help us care for the property, tack, stalls, and any other project that's going on.  Work groups are a great way to build teamwork within your own group, as well as helping us with projects that need to be completed.  Did you know that corporate volunteer programs allow employees to enhance teamwork, communication, project management, and people skills without high costs of professional skill-building courses? Work groups are not subject to the training requirements listed above.

Help us Throw a Party!

We love a great party, especially when there's food involved!  Come help us organize special events to raise funds for our programs, show appreciation to our donors, honor veterans, award our students, or just for whatever excuse we can come up with.  We need your help to make these possible.

Supply drive thank you
Organize a Supply Drive

Our budget is really tight so we love it when our volunteers organize supply drives for us to collect necessary items like toilet paper, paper towels, stamps, copy paper, printer ink, bottled water, snacks, baby wipes, post-it notes, pens, pencils, crayons, and lots of other items.  Check out our Amazon wishlist to learn more.  This is a great way for younger children to develop leadership and organizational skills. Supply drives can be done by anyone regardless of age, and the training required of in-person volunteers is not necessary.

Intern images
Become an Intern

We love working with interns and giving them an opportunity to put the theory they've learned into practice. For more information, visit our intern page.

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