Our Staff

The People who Make the Barn Wonderful!
Hannah Acker

Hannah Acker began as a student at the barn, but now she's a certified PATH and CHA IRD instructor.  Growing up in a large family has given her a love of children, which combined with her love of horses, makes working at the barn a dream come true.

Shannon Horsley

Shannon Horsley loves The Red Barn so much that she commutes electronically all the way from Mississippi to help us with our database and financial records.

Wyspr Black

Wyspr Black has been horse crazy since she was eight years old!  She has a master's from Auburn University in Rehabilitation Counseling and Vocational Education, with a special interest in traumatic brain injuries.  She's a CHA IRD certified instructor and definitely has the coolest name at the barn!

Brandi Elvis (16)
Brandi Jordan

Brandi Jordan began as the mom of two volunteers, Austin and Trent.  Then, she began volunteering herself.  Then, we found out she knew how to drive a tractor so we hired her!  She's great with the kids, as well as equipment.

Rachel Little

Rachel Boren graduated from Samford University with a degree in Entrepreneurship and is loving working in the non-profit world!  She does all things "barn" and is in the process of becoming a PATH instructor.  Working at the barn where she can incorporate her love for children and horses in her job has been a dream come true!

Ted Ludvik

Ted Ludvik is our JIT - Jerry in Training.  Ted has been a policeman, private investigator, worked as an independent security guard in Iraq, and substitute school teacher!   

Alexis Braswell

Alexis Braswell graduated from Birmingham-Southern College majoring in religion, with a psychology minor. She loves horses, horses, and working with children as they learn about horses. 

Ashley and Goats 2
Ashley McDonough

Ashley McDonough has a psychology degree from Auburn and specializes in autism. She started at the barn by bringing our first student Reid and has learned so much we decided to hire her!

Danielle Burroughs

Danielle Burroughs loves fishing as well as horses!  She graduated from William Woods University with a degree in Equine Science and is a PATH certified instructor.  She was born up north, but got to the south as soon as she could!

Joy O'Neal

Joy O'Neal has her Master's Degree in Public Administration and is a certified consultant through the Standards for Excellence for Nonprofits.  She's also been certified as a CHA instructor and been trained by OK Corral and Natural Lifemanship.  But, it's her years as a barn mom that are most useful.

Grace Butler

Grace Butler's name fits her perfectly!  She grew up in Mississippi and California before settling in Alabama.  Grace recently earned her Associate's degree in Communications, and that is precisely what she does at the barn- COMMUNICATE. Hint, hint: You should invite her to speak to your group sometime!

Jerry Phillips

Jerry Phillips is a man of few words.  Luckily for us, it doesn't take words to keep everything at the barn working!  He is the quintessential "grand-daddy" and loves seeing smiles and listening to laughter.

Jason Daggett

What do you call a minister who is a foster parent, can drive a tractor, work with horses, and fix fences?  A Red Barn employee!  

Connor Samples

Connor Samples never thought he'd be working at a therapeutic equine agency, but knows that he's found his calling in life!  Where else could he combine his history degree from Furman, outdoor play, and working with children?

Sylvie Daggett

Sylvie has been riding horses since she was 12 years old, so was a shoe-in for the horse team. She has 2 horses named Cheka and Molly, but, SHHH- she's completely in love with Billy the goat! Sylvie is a PATH certified instructor and loves teaching and kids. She has 4 brothers and a foster sister, so she has a big heart for what we do at the barn. 

Brooke White
Brooke White

Brooke White graduated from UAB with a degree in occupational therapy. She started her career working in adult rehab but for the last 18 years has been working with special needs children. Brooke works at Child's Play Therapy Center helping children and families. She loves what she does and does what she loves! Brooke purchased her first horse 5 years ago and has been riding ever since. She is excited to use her knowledge from the American Hippotherapy Association course in the practice of occupational therapy.

Ellen bunny
Ellen Davis

Ellen Davis is an Occupational Therapist and PATH certified riding instructor.  But, she says that her horses Strawberry and Hank have taught her more than a formal education ever could have!

MaryBeth Vaughn

MaryBeth graduated from Auburn with a degree in Animal Science and a focus in Equine science. She started taking lessons when she was 10 and loves all things horses- from cleaning stalls, to teaching and training, to showing Dressage or Hunt Seat. MB's favorite things are animals, Disney movies, ice cream, and getting to work with kids. She is excited to be working at The Red Barn and is continuing to work towards becoming a PATH certified instructor.    

Amanda Fuller-bio
Amanda Fuller

Amanda Fuller has a heart for children and families. She started volunteering at the barn alongside her daughter and absolutely fell in love with our mission and the people we serve. She also has mad administrative skills, so she's a perfect fit for helping to run the office side of the barn. 

Bekah Maze

Bekah started at the barn like so many others- as a volunteer! She interned with us over a summer, and then she became a CHA certified riding instructor in 2016. She is also a personal trainer, so she loves teaching riding students proper form with their body and how it communicates with their horse's body. 

Elisabeth and Tusker
Elisabeth Goddard

Elisabeth Goddard interned with us in May 2016 and returned as staff in August 2016 after graduating from Judson College.  She's a PATH certified riding instructor and can speak Romanian.  

Jodi Aumann

Jodi came to Birmingham from her hometown, Green Bay, in 2014 with her husband and two daughters. She had been a teacher's aide in special education for 9 years. Having always loved horses and wanting to be involved in EAAT, volunteering at the barn was a perfect fit! She's recently joined the team and we couldn't be happier!