Our Staff

Joy O'Neal
Joy O'Neal, Executive Director
Millie Alvis
Millie Alvis, Riding Instructor and Operations Coordinator
Jodi Aumann
Jodi Aumann, Instructor
Alexis Braswell
Alexis Braswell, Barn Manager and Riding Instructor
Grace Butler
Grace Butler, Public Relations Manager
Jason Daggett
Jason Daggett, Facility and Property Manager
Sylvie Daggett
Sylvie Daggett, Riding Instructor
Ellen Davis
Ellen Davis, Program Manager and Riding Instructor
Shannon Horsley
Shannon Horsley, Office Manager
Lizz O'Neal
Lizz O'Neal, Assistant Program Manager
Bella Padilla
Bella Padilla, Operations Assistant
Connor Samples
Connor Samples, Program Coordinator
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Mary Beth Vaughn, Riding Instructor
Ivey Wise
Ivey Wise, Riding Instructor