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Generous Gifts Made the Barn Buddies Class Possible!

A Future of Hope, Opportunity, and Lifelong Friendships

Life-changing opportunities were created this fall…all because our donors care about the children and horses! When children come to the barn, they have the opportunity to make best friends, learn how to care for their horses and the barn, as well as have a chance to gain confidence and problem-solve.

In the Barn Buddies class, activities are often planned by the staff but directed by the students. They will go on scavenger hunts, make horse treats,
groom horses, and do chores to help take care of THEIR barn.

Children coming to the barn do not always get a chance to regularly visit with friends in a safe and equipped environment, but with Barn Buddies, they are in a relaxed atmosphere where they can carry on conversations and explore together. And our donors made that possible!! Thanks to them, we can offer classes to young children with disabilities to work on their team building skills, to solve problems, to manage their emotions before their emotions get too big for them to manage, coordination skills, and so much more!

 “Emma has grown more confident, more verbal, and is thriving at The Red Barn. No matter what is going on…we can come to the  barn and she’ll find her inner calm.” Emma can be herself, she can learn, and she feels free with no judgment at the barn. It’s the one place where no matter how out of control her body or mind is, she can get centered and calm down. She also just loves making friends. It means success and growth. It really is a God send to our family!”

And best of all, the parents bringing their kids to the barn feel the safe and educational environment helped them learn how to best support their
children. You have given Emma a future of hope, opportunity, and lifelong friendships – THANK YOU DONORS!