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Winter Camp Wrap-up!

The holiday season is always filled with hustle and bustle, and that’s no exception here at the Red Barn. Over the past two weeks, we have hosted all sorts of unmounted camps every single weekday. The camps have ranged from a pioneer-themed camp to a pajama camp and even to a birthday party for all of our horses. They were so popular this year that we decided to add two extra sessions for Monday and Tuesday of this current week. We’ve been thrilled to be able to spend time with our students during the gap between terms!

Though I had taken time off for the first week of camps and ended up being sick for about half of the second week, I still had an opportunity to lead the “Horses Around the World” camp last Thursday. We ended up having six kids for that camp and divided them into two groups. One group groomed horses in the barn while I walked the others by the pastures so they could meet all of our herd. While we met the horses, I talked a bit about the history of some of the horse breeds, primarily the German Warm Blood, Dutch Warm Blood, Arabian, and American Quarter Horse. Meeting the horses was followed by a quick game before the two groups swapped.

Once both groups had a chance to groom and learn a little history, we took a short lunch break. We then learned about the Criollo horse breed and did an awesome painting activity with She-She. Overall, the kids seemed to have a blast all while gaining some new knowledge!

Things will slow down a bit around here after the final camp tomorrow. However, we’ll still be keeping busy with daily operations and planning for the Winter and Spring riding terms. The Winter term officially begins on January 16th, so mark your calendars!

We’re excited to turn the page to a brand new year with all of our students, volunteers, and supporters. The Red Barn appreciates all that you did for us in 2016 and we wish you all a wonderful 2017.


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  1. Hi, My 13 yr old son is Homeschooled, so any time for a camp, is ok.:) But my 6 yr old daughter, is in Public school. Im interested in camp for both. But we would need to fill out a scholarship application.
    Thanks 🙂

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