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Our Superheroes

Comics define a hero as someone who saves the day. Each hero has their own unique and amazing skill set that they utilize for a noble cause.

Here at the Red Barn, we are fortunate enough to have such a group of superheroes: our volunteers. They are the reason we have been able to offer almost 85 lessons each week, care and work with 16 horses, host anywhere from 3 to 5 groups a week in our camp program, and maintain a property of 33 acres, 3 barns, and 4 program buildings.

Our heroes sacrifice their time by volunteering weekly as well as helping with the occasional major event. They freely offer their vast worlds of knowledge. They are professionals, students, lovers of horses, and advocates in the community.

I could go on for pages, but the point is: we could not do what we do without them! They outnumber our staff at least 8 to 1 and make every donation go even further. We truly have the best heroes in the world.

This week is National Volunteer Week. So if you happen to be here at the Barn, please make sure to take a moment to thank our volunteers for all that they do for us. We rely on them so much and they brighten the days of all of our students.

Thank you so, so, SO much to all of our wonderful volunteers! You are the heroes the Red Barn desperately needs in order to serve all of the wonderful students that we have here. Thank you again, and never forget that each and every one of you is a superhero.


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Spring Term Midpoint

The birds have started singing more, the world is coated with pollen, and the heat is already pushing towards sweltering. Ah, the joys of Springtime in Alabama. Here at the Red Barn, we’ve been able to enjoy all of the beauty, as well as endure the small handful of inconveniences, that come with Spring. This week marks the halfway point between the beginning and end of our Spring Term. It’s hard to believe we’re already six weeks in, and even harder to believe that in six more weeks we’ll be dreaming of these brisk 85 degree April afternoons.

The term is finally in full swing. It took a while for things to gel, with our best laid plans being derailed by student, volunteer, and staff illnesses, school Spring breaks, and a few days of inclement weather. Challenges exist in every profession, and we have weathered our literal and figurative storms. It’s not so difficult when we have our students’ smiles lighting our way to sunnier horizons.

Our Spring and Fall terms tend to have a much stronger focus on individual riding lessons, with Winter and Summer occupying more time for group lessons and unmounted camps. We still have the Social Skills camp on Wednesdays and an Art Camp led by the one and only She-she begins this Saturday, but the bulk of our students are here for individual lessons. Time between lessons is spent on various tasks, such as cleaning stalls, planning lessons, completing office work, or any of the million other chores that come with working at a barn.

On top of weekly lessons, we’ve also been busy with Farm to Table, volunteer groups, and preparation for both the Alabama Folkways event and the 3rd Annual Take the Reins Run in memory of Corporal Clay Ward. Alabama Folkways will be on April 29th and Take the Reins on June 10th.

We’re blessed to have the opportunity to work with the amazing students that we serve, and so far this term has been a blast. I know the remaining six weeks will be just as fun. Thank you all for all the ways you’ve supported us the past few weeks. We couldn’t serve our students without your help!