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Max is Helping Children

Life-Changing Friend

Max has been a life-changing friend to many children whose lives have been dramatically impacted by the last year’s stressful events. He competed for years as a jumper and took a break from competing in horse shows before coming to the barn. Max enjoys teaching students the basics of steering, transitioning from walking to “whoa,” and how to sit in the saddle appropriately by putting weight on their heels.

He helps students develop patience, confidence, and learn how to build trust. Riding Max takes courage and could be intimidating at times due to his size. But he does a great job of taking care of his students and at the same time challenge them to make sure they’re giving him the right commands.

Because of our donors, Max and our other amazing horses are happy, healthy, and well-fed all year round. If you want to join our donors in helping kids work with Max and horses like him, you can donate today!